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Title: Free 250 crystals
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For those who dont know theres an incentive to becomming friends with new players called "First Friends" and heres how it works.

When you run a multiplayer dungeon and come across this symbol:
That means that user has installed the game less than 3 days ago and is therefore a candidate for the first friends incentive. If you are looking for such users here are some tips:
  • Run low level dungeons or key runs
  • Remember they have to have installed the game 3 days ago so 80luck Rayas' wont work normally. Stick to looking for runs with lvl 60 characters or under as they have a higher chance of being new.
  • This only works if they friend you back so you want to impress them with your best character and remember to be polite. Smile
There are thresholds as you can see in the first attachment at 10, 30, & 50 friends. Now you can only reach these thresholds by if the users you add play often. If you look on the upper right corner of the first attachment you'll see 
"First Friends x: 12/30
Days 1st friend played: 172/250"
Those are my personal stats, now if i were to go into my friends list and see one of my first friends (they appear in the gold boxes) who hasnt played in a week and i need space to add more friends i can safely delete him and his accumulated days wont be deducted from the total days played.

*Note you cant use this to invite new players, get the bonus 5 crystals, then delete them and repeat. Once you add a new player to your total and then delete them your total number will stay the same. If you reach max you can still invite new players but you wont get the 5 crystal bonus untill the next threshold is reached.
[Image: 3oSqPY5.jpg]

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