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Title: Rerolling fast and efficiently
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Doing with a rooted device or Nox will be the fastest
- start new account
- skip tutorial 
- skip cut scene 
- do daily summon item (guarantee  random 5* item) 
- claim 3 gem from mission
- claim all gems from inbox/gift box (you should have 105 gem total)
- do SINGLE pull (5 gem summon) on ANY banner (guaranteed 1 random HR) (if you are aiming older unit better choose the grand summon one) [100 gems left]
- do MULTI pull on new pick up banner (guaranteed 1 random HR) [50 gems left], see if you can get unit you desired if not.
- do MULTI pull on grand summon banner (guaranteed 1 random HR) [ 0 gem left], if still not seeing unit you want.
- [Rooted Device Only] close game if unsatisfied.
-[Rooted Device Only] Find Coco.prefershare folder and delete 
- re-roll back to first step

This guide was made by @Hirie and with minor edits by @Zeph (Bunni) on Grand Summoners Discord Server
The Bunni Cute and Fluffy.
the amount of rerolls you could do in an hour with this is crazy haha
Units you want to pull for currently are as follows:

As of 2/26/18

Ragna ****
Valhalla ***
Herck ***
Zenon ***
Arosdea **
Drageon **
Celia **
Lily **

(Stars are based on importance, 4* being of absolute importance, to 2* being of usefulness for content. )

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