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Title: 4/18/2018 - Maintenance Rundown!
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4/18/2018 maintenance rundown will be running from 7:00PM to 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time

Lethali7y will be streaming tonight at 8:00PM PST and going over this post so make sure to 

A huge update is right around the corner and ready to hit us much sooner than any of us had expected! 
Tonight we'll be starting the "I Can Get Fresh Blood!" Kill la Kill collaboration event! 
In this event we'll be seeing Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, and Mako Mankanshoku join us in Grand Summoners as the three newest additions to our teams, and what's best is that Mako is 100% a top-tier unit that will be seeing plenty of use for a long time in Grand Summoners.

So let's get started! Here is "I Can Get Fresh Blood!", the Kill la Kill collaboration event:

[Image: oTLhJSg.png]

First thing to note is that there will be a log-in campaign for the duration of this event that will reward everyone with crystals, a unit LB-stone and most importantly. . . stickers! There are some amazing Kill la Kill stickers to be collected from this log-in campaign and I'm personally super excited for this!

[Image: sfqdWcd.png]

Now lets take a look at what items/equipment we can expect to drop from the quests that will come with the event:

[Image: m2FyO03.png]

* = stats at max enhancement level

First up is "Fresh Blood", a 5* defensive equipment some of you may recognize as "Senketsu"
Cooldown: 70 seconds base, 50 seconds MLB
On-use: Reduces all allies' damage taken by 25% for 15 seconds and heals for 30HP/second*
Stats: 500 Defense*
Passives: Increases the unit's critical damage by 10%

Next up is "Purity Integrity", another 5* defensive equipment some of you may recognize as "Junketsu"
Cooldown: 80 seconds base, 55 seconds MLB
On-use: Applies a shield to all allies' that prevents up to 800 damage and reduces light/dark damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds*
Stats: 500 Defense*
Passives: Increases the unit's damage by 20% when at critical HP

Last up is "McKnuckle Enhancement", a 4* physical weapon
Cooldown: 11 seconds base, 6 seconds MLB
Damage: 1200% light attribute physical damage. Break power 200.*
Stats: 120 Attack*
Passives: Increases the unit's skill CT speed by 15%

Note: McKnuckle enchancement is the best 4* physical weapon in the game. I very highly recommend you max out a number of these for obvious reasons.

Here is the drop-table for the event: 

[Image: WXuVUcU.png]

Now that we've seen the event drops lets take a look at the equipment that will be made available in the equipment gacha during this time:

[Image: vs5BpcZ.png]

One Scissorblade
Cooldown: 60 seconds base, 40 seconds MLB
Damage: 9000% fire attribute physical damage. Increases the user's arts damage by 30% for 15 seconds. Break power 800.*
Stats: 500 Attack*

[Image: BQGhZTR.png]

Cooldown: 70 seconds base, 50 seconds MLB
Damage: 5000% water att. physical damage. Increases the user's break damage by 25% for 6 seconds.Break power 1000.*
Stats: 500 Attack*

[Image: XHeU1G1.png]

Fight Club Specialized Two-Star Goku Uniform
Cooldown: 50 seconds base, 30 seconds MLB
On-use: Increases all allies' arts gauge by 30 and increases their damage by 30% for 10 seconds.*
Stats: 250HP / 125 attack / 125 defense*

Note: The Scissorblade & Fight Club uniform are top-tier equipment and again I highly recommend trying to get these after pulling whatever unit you're aiming to get during this event. 

Speaking of units... lets take a look at the units that we'll be seeing introduced during this event!

[Image: xi2hU8C.png]

Ryuko Matoi

Skill: 1650% fire damage (physical). Increases BE gained by own skill by 50%. Break power 1000.

Art: 12200% fire damage (physical). Increases own attack power by 200% and skill CT speed by 50% for 12 seconds. Break force 1800.

Equipment slots: 5* physical / 5* defense / 4* physical (at MLB)

Passive skill to note: Increases own arts damage by 30%

[Image: 4cOhjtR.png]

Satsuki Kiryuin

Skill: 1330% water damage (physical). Break power 1900.

Art: 11800% water damage (physical). Increases own break power by 100% when the enemy is activating their art. Break force 3400.

Equipment slots: 5* physical / 5* defense / 4* recovery (at MLB)

Passive skill to note: Increases own break power by 20% and critical-hit rate by 30%

[Image: htJtXyk.png]

Mako Mankanshoku

Skill: 1200% light damage (physical). Increases own arts gauge by 5. Break power 900.

Art: 12800% light damage (physical). Increases own skill CT speed by 120% and applies a debuff on the enemyn that increases their damage taken by 30% and decreases their action-speed by 30% for 10 seconds. 
Break force 1800.

Equipment slots: 5* support / 5* recovery / 4* physical (at MLB)

Passive skill to note: Decreases own physical damage taken by 30% and increases own equipment skill CT speed by 10%


My personal thoughts and recommendations on this update: Lets go down the list. First off definitely aim to log-in at least once a day so you can receive those cool limited-time stickers. I personally don't care much for the defensive equipment from the event but I recommend you try to max out between 2 to 4 of the 4* physical weapon, that thing is monstrous. What should you do with your gems you ask? It depends. The way I see it these units are limited-time only and I will be doing what I can to collect them. I will prioritize the units first and the equipment second. NOTE: Mako is a incredibly high-tier unit that everyone should be setting their sights on this time around. The doesn't mean the other units aren't good as well though, they will probably be top-tier on GL for a bit as their kits are just crazy good. Ryuko is a damn nuke, Satsuki is Roy on steroids and Mako is well. . . Mako. Roll away my children! 


Join us on the Discord and on the Subreddit for more info and assistance! ^_^
Also make sure to check out Lethali7y's stream on Twitch where he will be going over this post the night of maintenance @
Lethali7y's Twitch

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