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Title: Below are a few more great image compilations produced by biomechanist Iain Hunter of
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Below are a few more great image compilations produced by biomechanist Iain Hunter of Brigham Young University. The first shows Galen Rupp’s foot strike from the front during his victory in the finals of the US Olympic Trials 5k race. It’s incredible to look at the range of supination to pronation (in the colloquial usage of the terms) that his ankle goes through. It does appear that he is turning in this first series of images, but if you look at the second image below you will see that he seems to supinate just as much on the straightaway (original high-res image by Iain Hunter here).On August 4Nike Air VaporMax Hombre th, 2012, Dr. Brett Coapland of Performance Health Spine & Sport Therapy and I will be holding a workshop titled “Running for Life: Strategies to Help Nike Air Max 2017 Womens You Stay Healthy, Avoid Injuries, and Run Strong” at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, NH.The workshop will run from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and will involve lectures by both Brett and I (our bios can be found at the bottom of this post), as well as a gait-analysis workshop. We will also offer the opportunity for you to obtain high-speed video footage of your running gait (this will be conducted for those interested who wish to stay after the workshop).The event is co-hosted by the NHTI Cross Country Team, and cost to attend the workshop will be $40 per participant (free for current NHTI students).Dr. Peter Larson is an associate professor of biology at Saint Anselm College Nike Air Vapormax Femme in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he teaches courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, and Comparative Anatomy. He is a Nike Air Max 90 Femme Boston-qualifying marathon runner, having completed eight marathons an a 50k ultra in the past 5 years. Pete is the author of the Runblogger.com website, and he is co-author of a new book on running titled Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running. Pete has been interviewed by or profiled in the following publications: New York Times Magazine, Runner’s World, Running Times, Competitor, Triathlete, Men’s Health, and SELF.Dr. Brett Coapland is the clinic director at Performance Health Spine & Sport Therapy in Concord, New Hampshire. He is a chiropractor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Brett has completed numerous endurance events including the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run and Ironman Lake Placid. He is a life long learner in his Nike Air Max 2017 Womensfield and regularly attends post-graduate courses focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of running related injuries.A few months ago I received an email from the editor of Lower Extremity Review asking if I’d be willing to write an article on the topic of foot strike in running. Given that the publication’s target audience consists of medical practitioners who regularly treat lower extremity injuries, I was a bit hesitant at first to accept the assignment since I am not a clinician.However, having just written a chapter for my book on the topic of foot strike in running, I had read through much of the existing academic literature on the relationship between foot strike and Nike Air Max TN Femme running injury risk. Thus, I figured I’d go ahead and give it a shot. I took off my blogger/author hat and put on my academic hat and produced www.matthieugranier.fr an article titled “Foot strike in runners: Influence on injury risk.”It’s amazing how challenging it can be to switch writing gears between blogging, book www.anbilazio.it writing, and academic writing, so hopefully the turned out to be somewhat coherent!

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