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Title: Three questions about Paxton Lynch and keeping a third-string quarterback
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With the demotion of Paxton Lynch to the third string and questions about his ability to perform even minimally competently as an NFL quarterback Cheap Courtland Sutton Jersey , there has been many questions raised about the back-up quarterback position for the 2018 Denver Broncos. Here are the three biggest in my opinion:Are the coaches willing to go into the season with only two QBs on the 53-man roster? So this would mean that the team trades or releases Paxton Lynch. While it is uncommon, it is not strange to do so. There were 13 of 32 NFL teams last season that begun the year with only two QBs on the 53-man active roster: MIA, NE, BAL, CIN, HOU, TEN, PHI, WAS Womens Jake Butt Jersey , DET, GNB, ATL, TB and SEA. If the Broncos enter the season with Chad Kelly is the only other QB on the team besides Case Keenum, that would be putting a lot of faith in a QB that has never taken an NFL snap as the #2 QB. Did any team do this last year? The answer is NO, with two limited exceptions. In almost every situation last season where a team started the season with only two QBs on the active roster, the backup was a guy with at least some NFL game experience: MIA - Matt Moore; NE - Jimmy Garappolo; BAL - Ryan Mallett; CIN - A.J. McCarron; HOU - Tom Savage; TEN - Matt Cassel; WAS - Colt McCoy; PHI - Nick Foles; ATL - Matt Schaub; TB - Ryan Fitzpatrick; SEA - Austin Davis. All of those second stringers had at least some starting experience. The only two teams that rolled with guys similar to Chad Kelly as the #2 QB were DET with Jake Rudock and GNB with Brett Hundley (who had thrown 10 NFL passes in career prior to 2017). Do we just keep Paxton Lynch as the #3 QB? Generally you want your #2 to be the veteran who could be minimally competent if you are forced, by injury, to start him. That is why you see so many journeyman vets hanging around the league. The are at least known quantities who have started NFL games and maybe even “won” a few of them. Paxton Lynch has yet to show that he is even a minimally competent NFL QB Womens Garett Bolles Jersey , so keeping as the #3 option, given his complete lack of development, would be a waste of a very valuable roster spot. Who is available and who might be available as a veteran to bring in? There are currently 118 NFL QBs on 90-man rosters. There were only 83 at the start of the 2017 season (not counting QBs on practice squads), so there are about to be roughly 35 QBs who are unemployed. There are also veterans who are not currently on 90-man rosters like Ryan Mallett, Matt Moore, Scott Tolzein, Mark Sanchez, Kellen Clemens, T.J. Yates and Josh Johnson. All of those QBs have started NFL games; some have even “won” playoff games. In case you are interested here is the current QB depth chart for every NFL team:So how do you see this playing out? For what it’s worth http://www.denverbroncosteamonline.com/t...vis-jersey , Case Keenum is listed as a medium injury risk. He had a ligament problem in the thumb of his throwing hand in 2013 and he got concussed in 2015 (but remained in the game).Broncos vs. Raiders: Snap count review Week 2 So I’ve decided that I’m not going to do the graphics until the end of each quarter of the regular season, but I will still be providing the tables in the weekly installment. I will also cover special teams snaps in the quarterly review. Here were the snap count breakdowns for the Denver Broncos during their 20-19 comeback win over the Oakland Raiders in Week 2.Broncos Offensive Snap PercentagesThe big changes in the second game were that Jared Veldheer left with a possible concussion and Billy Turner replaced him about halfway through the game. I’m guessing you didn’t even notice; and this is a good thing. Turner played really well - admittedly against the toothless Faider’s pass rush, but after the ineptitude at RT we have had for the past four years, having a competent backup is a breath of fresh air. Courtland Sutton got significantly more playing time on offense this game than the last. Jeff Heuerman and Jake Butt both had fewer offensive snaps as we went with more four WR sets to try and get back in the game. Phillip Lindsay saw his offensive snaps go from up slightly from 35% in the first game to 42% in the second game. What here (if anything) surprised you?Broncos Defensive Snap PercentagesWe gave Bradley Chubb a little rest this week. Tramaine Brock saw his defensive playing time jump in week 2 while Adam Jones saw his get cut in half. I’m not sure what this says about our CB3 and CB4, but it does bare watching over the next few games. Similar to Adam Jones, Will Parks also saw about half of the defensive snaps in game 2 that he got in game one. Joe Woods generally did a better job in this game of balancing playing time and getting some of our elite defensive players a little rest. Were there any other surprises for you from this data?

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