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Title: Question about wording on blue items
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Im confused, the descriptions on the item are different than the descriptions when you click the item. Including some pics.
When i look at Erial and it says "reduces enemy DMG 25%. Reduces magical DMG 50%" that makes me think ok so the enemy will do 25% less dmg to me and it doesnt say enemy magical damage so im assuming ALL magical dmg including mine is reduced for the duration of the buff. now i click on it and it says something totally different!

"Increases targets dmg taken by 25% for 8s. Reduces magical dmg 50%" so NOW instead of taking 25% less dmg im taking 25% more dmg?!? What am i missing here?
[Image: 3oSqPY5.jpg]
I'm guessing it's just the bad translation process from Japanese to English...
I've seen a lot like that even on skills description...
If I'm not mistaken, they patched Zoldas' description two days ago due to mistranslating "Decrease" to "Increase" as well...

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