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Title: Unit info : Melia
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All credits go to wershivez who wrote that on the subreddit. (link to his post). My goal in making this thread is to give more visibility to his informative posts and open an eventual discussion on the forum as well.

Here's some information regarding Melia, a unit with distinctive traits when compared to others.


This post is based on my personal experience playing on JP server. This post expects from reader basic proficiency in using JP wiki and basic knowledge of the game, I won't explain every detail extensively focusing only on topic at hand. I am doing this for fun so don't expect anything other than that.
Reference links JP wiki page: http://games.gaym.jp/iPhone/grandsummone...A%E3%82%A2
Video of skills: https://youtu.be/pB_a1pGBwz8


If I try to find single word which describes Melia fully - it would be: Magician. Everything about her is elusive, just like magic, and at the same time she can perform miracles just like magician.
  • Her normal skill isn't the best weapon. It has decent hitbox, but because magic orb is launched from above towards ground it doesn't pass through enemies like many horizontal skills, which means even with decent hitbox you can't hit every enemy on the screen. This creates problems when you don't hit backline or when you can't hit frontline. Party with Melia should have at least some frontliner capable of pushing enemies away, otherwise Melia will miss all her orbs.
But utility of normal skill is quite high. When Melia casts it she temporarily disappears from the screen. This can be used to evade strong skills from enemies. When timed right it allows to avoid a lot of damage and you will be seeing Melia having highest HP at the end of the battle from the team many times. It's also the only tool you have to prevent Melia to go into melee with her normal attacks. Skill also allows Melia to stay in the air for considerable time while charging orb. This helps a lot to evade attacks and skills which don't reach in the air.
  • Normal Art: ZAWARUDO! It is a bread and butter of Melia. It's very versatile and strong art with many uses. It's not in the description, but after casting Art there is slight delay and then all enemies are stopped in place regardless of what they are doing or what statuses or buffs they have. During this time skills and items cause increased BE generation when hitting enemies. It's quite useful detail, because if you save your item actives for this moment you will get a lot of BE. After several seconds there are explosions which deal damage and cause blind with high probability.
I can't stress enough how elusive and powerful this art is. When used without thinking you won't get much from it even in terms of damage. But when used in the right moment with right conditions it's a game breaker. If you have strong support on the team you can cast consecutive Arts making enemy incapable of doing anything for the majority of time and causing even more increased BE acquisition for your team. With 2 Melias it's possible to completely lockdown enemy.
Blind is also very valuable. Even though stopping effect doesn't prevent enemies from finishing their arts or actions, if you apply blind it effectively reduces damage by a lot. Many fights can be won without healers if every strong enemy skills is countered by blind.
And finally damage. It's not great. But it's good enough. For pure damage of course you are better waiting for True Art. But in arena it's another story. There are hardly any enemies capable of surviving this art when buffed Melia hits them. And because of stopping effect and blind afterwards it's almost impossible for enemy to escape inevitable defeat. Many enemies rely on their True Arts. But Melia's strong point comes with normal art, which makes her very valuable.
  • True Art: ZAWARUDO v.2! It's very similar to her normal art. You stop enemy actions completely and after short delay cast multiple orbs which hit the ground. Damage is quite high and with Melia's passive she can nuke certain bosses when buffed. Stopping effect is long longer and activates faster so it's more convenient for stopping enemy actions suddenly. But there are certain difficulties with using true art. Because damage comes from orbs hitting the ground you can miss the enemy. If allies displace enemies too far it will happen. Because you can stop enemies even mid air, you want to time your true art in such way that all enemies will be stopped in the hitbox zone.
Another properties of Melia's true art is a gauge absorption and huge magic damage buff for allies. Magic buff allows to run all magic parties which become capable of nuking bosses. Magic attackers in general are less potent than physical nukers. Still you can get enough damage to clear a lot of content. And gauge absorption is a cherry on top. Usually it doesn't affect battle much. But in certain conditions it can either allow you to delay enemy before your team's countermeasures are ready or allow to prevent enemy from using art completely.
  • Rest of Melia's kit is quite interesting too. Her passive party wide regeneration is small but adds up over time. It also makes her even more tanky in a sense. Her emergency shield servers same purpose allowing for clutch plays. Her strong anti-god passive is quite useful in a lot of content.
Her equipment slots are quite good too. Support slot allows to have such needed art regen or crit. One of the magic slots can be equiped with newer item which buffs all dark unit stats by 20% in party. With this Melia becomes even more tanky and has great synergy with other dark units.
True weapon for Melia is quite lackluster and doesn't adress her main problem - art gauge generation. Quite honestly for any prolonged fight you don't want to take Melia without some support capable of refilling her art gauge. Because Melia's value directly proportional to how many arts she can cast during battle - Melia without fast art gauge generation can be a dead weight.

Melia can be both a damage dealer and control mage. But I strongly feel that her strongest point is control, even though her damage is quite high. I had many battles where Melia either decimated stronger and better geared enemies in arena, or allowed to defeat bosses with off-meta teams. In several difficult dungeons it was especially well showcased when lack of meta units for meta strategies was circumvented by having 2 Melias controlling enemy for a whole fight with no chance of retaliation. Or cases when quite strong boss was defeated without healers in a long battle simply because Melia blinded him before every art cast, making half hp art deal miniscule damage. Or times when Melia won battle because of her sudo-tankiness when every ally fell to boss attacks.
Overall you can find many damage dealers in the game, but you won't find many units capable of providing same amount of surviveability and control as Melia.

Feel free to discuss.

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